About Us

Specialist Care Australia/Launceston was formed to enable leading medical specialists to provide comprehensive private and personalised care to patients within a patient-centred, integrated, collaborative, multidisciplinary environment.
Our professional focus is to provide patients and their families with the highest standards of known medical care together with an exceptional experience of customer service tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.
Our model of localised and integrated specialist consultation facilities with treatment centres, pharmacy, pathology and allied health services in a tranquil setting allows all members of the team to work together in providing what we believe to be coordinated and seamless care. Our clinicians have great experience in clinical research and clinical trials that contribute to the advancement of knowledge, treatment options and supportive therapies for patients.
It is with a significant sense of pride and professional achievement we can say that our clinic has become the first of its kind in Tasmania that will provide accessible, timely, high quality care to the people of Tasmania. Specialist Care Australia/Launceston is excited to be working in partnership with local specialists to advance haematology and infusion services for North and North-West Tasmania.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest standard of patient care in a caring, safe and tranquil environment. Our caring team of doctors, nurses and support staff are dedicated, skilled and professional, treating patients and clients with respect, dignity and professional expertise. We are proud of our dedicated healthcare professionals who work at Specialist Care Australia/Launceston.

To provide a pathway to wellness, wellbeing and worth through professional treatment
‘Better lives, better families, better communities’ A better world through professional treatment
Values, Respect, Caring, Professional

Accreditation and National Standards 

Specialist Care Australia/Launceston is NSQHS-accredited as a day hospital to supply haematology services. Accreditation is an independent appraisal process accessing whether we, at Specialist Care Australia/Launceston, as a health care organisation meet the agreed international health care standards.
There are 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, which have been met by Specialist Care Australia/Launceston. These include policies and procedures and processes for Clinical Governance, Infection Control, Consumer interaction as well as other key clinical results.
We will continue to undertake accreditation to ensure our staff, patients and medical practitioners, provide services that are safe and of high quality.

Privacy Policy 

Specialist Care Australia is committed to the responsible management of personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which are contained in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988.